Excursion itinerary

The tour lasts two hours and takes guests to an enchanting area of the Danube Delta, the Sahalion Lagoon. Mixed flocks of pelicans, cormorants and sea gulls gather here to feed, chucking, paddling and flapping their wings. Motionless egrets and herons and typical flora which changes with the passage of the seasons are part of the scenery. The purposely chosen itinerary further takes tourists along clusters of white and yellow water lilies, but also next to an old sturgeon fishery station, abandoned after the fall of Communism in ’89. Along the initerary, speedboats veer into narrow quiet channels, heavily wooded with black poplars and white willows, the leaves of which sometimes lightly touch the entranced tourists.

The ultimate purpose of the program is to make tourists leave the Delta with unforgettable memories of its utopian landscapes.

Excursion Melea